Why we do what we do for our bands


Why we opened

I have followed the music industry since the 80's, and not just the bands I liked.  I was always interested in what it took to get a band up on the stage. I noticed that quite often bands were not always treated fairly, or they were being charged for things that I don't believe they should have to pay for.  Since it seemed no one else was going to change the industry, then it was up to me to change it.  I know it sounds like a huge or impossible goal, but as I say "Go big or go home!"


Music is my Passion

I have always been passionate about music and with the way I work, I have managed to shoot my name and reputation so far out into the music industry, it normally takes 5+ years to do.  I have done the impossible and will continue to do impossible things for my bands!


Why We Stand Out

All of our bands are family.  They know I've got their back, always.   In everything we do, at the forefront of our mind is the bands and music.  They come first, everyday, no matter what.  We only take a percentage of any income that comes in as a result of something we did.  If income comes in, and we had no part in generating that income, we do not take a percentage of it.

DJ Inkmaster


Richard Diana grew up in Buffalo New York with a passion for music. That passion has led him into the music industry in multiple ways.  One he has enjoyed the most, is promoting up and coming bands.  It allows him to not only share with others the music he loves, but also help the bands to gain fans.   

He learned promoting and booking from Tim McFarland, owner of Death by Metal Inc.   Richard was an intern at Death By Metal Inc on and off for several years.  After completing his internship, he continued to, and still does work with Tim, although not full-time. 

Richard also has a weekend radio show on Revolution Radio 2.0, as DJ Inkmaster, featuring independent music, where he continues to share the music he is passionate about, over the airways.  He continues to look for new bands to feature on his show.   

Through Revolution Radio 2.0, Richard has recently met and became involved with Mary Feller AKA Phire of Smoke N Phire Productions.  Smoke N Phire is a band & tour management and band promotions company.  Through them, Richard is interning for band management now as well as doing some band development with one of the newer bands.  He is promoting the bands on their roster, booking for them, and getting their music more airplay.  

He uses his knowledge and passion for music along with his professionalism and work ethic to help independent musicians in the music industry.