Look For Shows Coming Near You From These Amazing Artists


ANGELES  started in the LA Club scene in the 80's and are still touring and recording today. They have shared the stage with Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Metallica, StoneBreed, LA Guns, Great White and more.  They have released over 9 albums since their beginning, with the original release of We're No Angels going platinum in 2014. They bring an energy to their performance that draws in the audience and leaves them breathless!  

Burning Brains the Band

BURNING BRAINS is on a mission to save the Rain Forrest.  With Anthony's hard hitting lyrics you'll soon be following this piper!  Keep on the lookout for this band, soon to be descending on a town near you!

B Brian

B BRIAN formerly know as Winenus, is a hip-hop artist from Africa.  He has his own unique style that will have your feet tapping and you will be singing along in no time!  He makes friends everywhere he goes, he not only believes in his music, he lives it...All From 1!!

Diamondbaxx Shake

Diamondbaxx Shake a Southeastern Arizona based band. The band has been through several line-up changes but they are better than ever! They're activist in the local community for supporting local music, so if they're not playing a show; they're probably supporting another local band.  To coincide with supporting Local Live Music they feature many guest artists from with-in the Arizona music community.  


Drawing inspiration from the masters of Hip-Hop & armed with the knowledge earned through years of hardship, Mugzy's rap speaks of truth.  A truth that will resound with teenagers that have had to endure self doubt & lack of confidence. 

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Bristol Kids

BRISTOL KIDS is James and Keri Walsh, a duo from Canada.  They stay true to themselfves and their music.  After being together 15 years what's next for these two?  We shall have to wait and see...

Cold Revive

COLD REVIVE is an alternative rock/metal band from Clovis ,CA.  They have developed their own unique style, and their fans are the Cold Nation!  You will want to feel the chilling embrace of the Chillest boyz in Rock, Cold Revive!

FireBall - Deep Purple Tribute Band

FIREBALL A Deep Purple Experience is just that! A Deep Purple Experience!! A night playing all the songs you remember and some deeper cuts too

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 AXEMASTER is a metal band from Ohio.  They originated in 1985, and even though they have had lineup changes, they have stood the test of time.  Axemaster's unique blend of styles has proven to be a combination that appeals to metal fans from 2 different generations. This, coupled with the large amount of worldwide exposure they have received over the years and the band's resolve to keep moving forward, gives cause to expect that Axemaster will continue to achieve greater success in the future!

King Kash

Even though King Kash only started his musical journey short time ago, he is showing everyone that if you work your music, it doesn't take years to get noticed.  His songs can hold thier own against any other rapper out there.

Ricky Glore

Ricky is an outstanding comedian, and while Smoke N Phire have only represented bands and music, we decided to go for it.  Well, that and he  is hilarious!!  He has opened for some of the top comedians, including Tracy Morgan, Damon Wayans, Jim Breuer and Doug Benson.  

Dynamic Descent

Dynamic Descent is originally from Arizona, but currently is residing in Michigan.  He started spinning 8 years ago or more, and is still holding true to his roots.  He will still use turntables, and he is a performance DJ.  He doesn't use a computer to mix all his tracks, he mixes it on the spot.  You want to see a true DJ in action....Then Dynamic Decent is who you to see.

Motley 2

Based in Los Angeles  California, Motley 2 is the premiere, internationally touring tribute to Motley Crue that captures the entire look , feel  and sound that hard core Crue fans know and love. We have toured extensively across the nation, and have performed at casinos, bars, clubs, festivals, state fairs, concert in the parks, and corporate events, and are available for everything from family friendly events, or we can heat it up with an adult oriented show that leave crowds wanting more. Are you ready? then, let us "take you to the top"

Faceless Orphans

This is a Canadian band who knows how to bring it, every show, every time.  They are gearing up for their first US tour and are excited to bring their mix of blue collar French mining town with modern rock for all.  They will mark the beginning of the Second Canadian Takeover!


Whitesnakle Tribute  band brings 1987 to YOU! The look, the sound, and best of all...the songs. Here I Go Again, Still Of The Night, Is This Love, Fool For Your Lovin and SO many more. All brought to you in full costume by a seasoned group of musicians. Fronted by former vocalist for Ozzy Osbournes guitarist Jakes E Lees band Red Dragon Cartel Michael Thomas Beck. The band also includes Rick Clausen: Guitars/Keys/Vocals,Paul Furlong: Guitars/Vocals, John Palmer: Bass and Nick Scott: Drums/Percussion.The band takes you from the hits of Whitesnakes hugely successful decades spanning career from the mid 70's thru the early 90's. A 90 minute thrill ride that will remind you why they were such an MTV staple.

Ya Boy E

Even though he has had some tough times in life, he keeps coming back to music.  He had never really thought about of music as a way to pay the bills until just recently. By a twist of fate or luck, he happened to start working at the same place that Smoke and Phires son works. And that is where his story changes. Since he is so new, most management wouldn't take him on, knowing how much work is involved with no guarantee of money.  Good for Ya Boy E we aren't like that.  I see his potential, and am proud to work with him to develop it.

Diane Carter

Info coming soon!

Tested On Humanz

Tested On Humanz is a metal band from Canada.  They will be part of the Second Canadian Takeover!  These guys are ready to work and do whatever it takes to make it.  Watch out America, I haven't talked to any group of guys as motivated as these guys are.  You defiantly won't want to miss one of thier shows!

Party Of The Sin

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KT Blingz


Sal-Va Shun


Leather Leone