Look For Shows Coming Near You From These Amazing Artists

Burning Brains the Band


BURNING BRAINS is on a mission to save the Rain Forrest.  With Anthony's hard hitting lyrics you'll soon be following this piper!  Keep on the lookout for this band, soon to be descending on a town near you!

B Brian


B BRIAN formerly know as Winenus, is a hip-hop artist from Africa.  He has his own unique style that will have your feet tapping and you will be singing along in no time!  He makes friends everywhere he goes, he not only believes in his music, he lives it...All From 1!!

Diamondbaxx Shake


Diamondbaxx Shake a Southeastern Arizona based band. The band has been through several line-up changes but they are better than ever! They're activist in the local community for supporting local music, so if they're not playing a show; they're probably supporting another local band.  To coincide with supporting Local Live Music they feature many guest artists from with-in the Arizona music community.  

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Bristol Kids


BRISTOL KIDS is James and Keri Walsh, a duo from Canada.  They stay true to themselfves and their music.  After being together 15 years what's next for these two?  We shall have to wait and see...

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 AXEMASTER is a metal band from Ohio.  They originated in 1985, and even though they have had lineup changes, they have stood the test of time.  Axemaster's unique blend of styles has proven to be a combination that appeals to metal fans from 2 different generations. This, coupled with the large amount of worldwide exposure they have received over the years and the band's resolve to keep moving forward, gives cause to expect that Axemaster will continue to achieve greater success in the future!

King Kash


Even though King Kash only started his musical journey short time ago, he is showing everyone that if you work your music, it doesn't take years to get noticed.  His songs can hold thier own against any other rapper out there.

Dynamic Descent


Dynamic Descent is originally from Arizona, but currently is residing in Michigan.  He started spinning 8 years ago or more, and is still holding true to his roots.  He will still use turntables, and he is a performance DJ.  He doesn't use a computer to mix all his tracks, he mixes it on the spot.  You want to see a true DJ in action....Then Dynamic Decent is who you to see.

Faceless Orphans


This is a Canadian band who knows how to bring it, every show, every time.  They are gearing up for their first US tour and are excited to bring their mix of blue collar French mining town with modern rock for all.  They will mark the beginning of the Second Canadian Takeover!

Diane Carter


Diane has performed on televison, records, movies, various night clubs, and live theater productions as well as commercials throughout the world.

She has sang with: Rose Royce, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Teena Marie, Rick James, Natalie Cole, Barry White, Eric Carmen, she was one of the Funkadelic "Brides of Funkinstein", and with Ray Charles as one of his "Raylettes".  Her list of supporting artists are too many to mention here.

Party Of The Sin


"No one knows exactly how this band was form, but we have heared that Party of the Sin began as a boy band in 1989, under another name that has been since forgotten. 4 handsome young teenagers, Fernando Cordero, Gabriel Sara, Zack Arnstein and Pablo Stagnaro found great success dancing and lip syncing in front of screaming teenagers around the world, showcasing their charisma and powerful set of songs written by producers in their fifties. Unfortunately, one night, backstage at a show, a dark man in a dark suit offered the young performers a dark opportunity. No one knows exactly what happened that night, but the band members were never the same. Some of the musicians turned to drugs and alcohol, others to gambling and violence. The music that they made took on a malicious, sinister tone. There was no more dancing. What remains is the twisted residue of what was once such a virtuous endeavor. What remains is Party of the Sin". 




KT Blingz


KT Blingz are a set of identical twins from Nigeria.  With the help of Snoop Dog they now reside in America and are sharing thier unique style of Afropop music.

Viking Queen


More info coming soon!



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Sal-Va Shun


Sal-Va Shun is an artist from Morocco. He is just starting his journey to bring his music to the US.