Meet The Smoke N Phire Team



Band & Tour manager


  Creator & Owner of Smoke N Phire  



Music has always been a huge part of Phire's life.  She took piano, classical guitar and formal voice lessons growing up.  She has followed the industry since the 80's, and finally, after raising her kids, decided it was time to change the world.  She has worked with local bands for a number of years, and her motto  "Go Big Or Go Home"  serves her well.  Like a pit bull, she gets her teeth in and wont let go until she accomplishes what she wants.  If anyone tells her she cant do it, it only serves to make her more determined. She believes in the music and the artists come first, always.



Photo Sniper

Co-Owner of Smoke N Phire Productions

Music has always been a  part of Smoke's life.  He does play guitar on occasion, but would much rather listen to a favored band.  His preferred are the metal bands from the 70's and 80's.  Smoke and Phire have been married 20 years, and while Phire thrives on change and adventure, Smoke would rather everything stay the same.  She is the somehow the center of attention and he has learned to come out from the shadows now and again.  When the business started, Phire assigned him the job of photographer.  He liked it, and felt he was 'hiding' behind the lens.  His skills as a photographer have significantly grown and earned him the title of 'Photo Sniper' for getting shots no one else can seem to get, and he wears that title proudly!



Interning for;

 Band & Tour manager


Booking Agent

Phire and Ic3 are sisters, so Ic3 was an obvious choice to learn the business from Phire.  Music has helped her through some difficult situations, and like her sister she likes most all kinds of music.  She used to be very outgoing, but lately is more of a quiet person.  But that's ok, she can very easily get a group of unruly musicians in line, by drawing on her experience raising kids.  Everyone knows when these sisters get together to run and hide!  It's all in fun, but if needed they can back up everything they say.  Dont let them fool you.  Either together with Phire or alone, Ic3 knows how to make you freeze!



Band Manager



Melanie is the youngest of Phire's kids.  But don't let that innocent look fool you.



Tour Manager



James is the eldest child of Smoke and Phire.  He was introduced to music at an early age, newborn.  Even back then he was a metal head, preferring Guns "n Roses to any other bands.  Still his favorite today.  At 3 he self taught guitar, played sax in school, and learned some bass.  As with everyone else in the family music has always been there.  James is like mom (Phire) in that he is always up for an adventure.  You never know where or when he will show up, but wherever it is, he will have a good time.



Tour Manager



Body Guard

David is Smoke and Phires youngest son.  He was training for UFC fighting, so he is the obvious choice for body guard.  There is no one who could back him down, except his mom.  There is a tale of Phire putting him on his butt with one punch, and it wasn't below the belt.  I guess we will have to ask for a demonstration, hahahaha. Just like the rest of the family, he likes to fight and looks younger than his real age. There's that family curse again.  This family works hard, and they defiantly have each others backs.  Anyone else allowed into thier family business must be special indeed.



Tour Manager intern

Angel and Phire have been friends since before high school.   Angel was witness to many of Phire's escapades.  While Angel is more shy and Phire is fearless, the two of them together balance each other.  Although, no matter how much Angel would try, she never could get Phire truly grounded.  So she  just hung on for the ride!



A & R Rep

Talent Developer

Interning at; Event Promotions/Productions

Mouse and Phire have been friends since high school.  By looking at Mouse you would think she was related, but no.  Maybe its the has to be something.  She shares the same curse as Phires family and looks younger than she is.  Its really not fair to the rest of us!  This is going to cause a race to the West again, everyone moving to Arizona so they can look younger too!!



Interning for:    

Band Management

Promotions & Booking

Amanda is a new member of the Feller family.  She married Dynamic Decent on August 18,2018.  Apparently even marrying into this family makes you look younger, Amanda sure looks younger than her age.   I guess the rest of us are out of luck.  Only so many family members.  We expect big things to come from this little lady!!