Cold Revive "BULLET-FACE" Launch!

Greetings Cold Nation,
We present the launch of our Cold Revive apparel!  Embrace the chill with your very own Cold Revive tee!

For a "limited time" only, get your very own Cold Revive "BULLET-FACE"  or "SKULL" t-shirt for $20.00, while supplies last! *
Thank you for embracing our "chill factor" and the love and support each of you show

Cold Revive Music

Embrace the chill with your very own Cold Revive merchandise and singles! 

Singles Available; Sik' Hellish Us, Cold Dark Coma, Diary, Twisted Fright and Smell The Roses


Smoke N Phire Productions

Due to popular demand, we set up a store in Tee Spring.  

We have our official Smoke N Phire  shirts and more!  

Smoke has his own clothing as does Phire.  We are in the process of making 

Skull Band shirts as well.

Let Us Know

If there is anything you would like to see, let us know and we will do our best to get it for you!

To the store


There is too much merch to list!!  They have multiple cd's, shirts, etc.  Go check out the store and show them some love!